Exploring Tupelo, Booneville, and Corinth, MS in Style: The Ultimate Party Bus and Limousine Experience

Exploring Tupelo, Booneville, and Corinth, MS in Style: The Ultimate Party Bus and Limousine Experience

16-18 passenger Party Bus - Tupelo, Booneville, and Corinth Mississippi
16-18 passenger Party Bus - Tupelo, Booneville, and Corinth Mississippi

When it comes to exploring the vibrant nightlife and picturesque locales of Tupelo, Booneville, and Corinth in Mississippi, there’s no better way than aboard a luxurious 16-18 passenger party bus or a sophisticated 14 passenger Stretch SUV limousine. Unlimited Charters offers an unparalleled transportation experience, ensuring your journey through these charming cities is as memorable as the destinations themselves.

Tupelo: Birthplace of Elvis Presley and More

Tupelo, famously known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley, is a treasure trove of cultural and historical attractions. Begin your journey in a lavish party bus from Unlimited Charters, perfect for larger groups looking to travel in comfort and style. The spacious interior and state-of-the-art amenities ensure that your party starts the moment you step onboard.

Must-Visit Spots in Tupelo:

  • Elvis Presley Birthplace & Museum: A pilgrimage for music fans, this historic site offers a glimpse into the early life of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
  • Tupelo Automobile Museum: Featuring over 100 antique and classic cars, it’s a haven for automobile enthusiasts.
  • Downtown Tupelo: Brimming with unique shops, eateries, and live music venues, it’s the heart of Tupelo’s nightlife.

Dining in Tupelo:

After exploring, refuel at local favorites like Neon Pig, known for its mouth-watering burgers, or Blue Canoe, offering an eclectic menu and live music.

Booneville: A Blend of History and Charm

Booneville, with its rich history and Southern charm, is a delightful stop. Aboard Unlimited Charters’ sleek stretch SUV limousine, you’ll enjoy an intimate and luxurious setting, ideal for smaller groups. The limousine’s plush seating and premium sound system ensure a relaxing ride as you explore Booneville’s quaint streets.

Booneville Highlights:

  • Booneville Historic District: Stroll through the streets lined with historic buildings, offering a glimpse into the city’s past.
  • Northeast Mississippi Community College: A significant educational landmark worth visiting.

Local Eateries in Booneville:

Indulge in Southern cuisine at Grisham’s, a local gem, or enjoy a casual meal at Mimmo’s Ristorante Pizzeria for a taste of Italy in Mississippi.

Corinth: A Gateway to History and Adventure

Corinth, known for its pivotal role in the Civil War, is a mix of historical significance and modern-day charm. Your journey in a party bus or limousine from Unlimited Charters will be as comfortable as it is exciting. The versatility of our vehicles makes them perfect for both history buffs and adventure seekers.

Corinth Attractions:

  • Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center: A must-visit for history enthusiasts.
  • Crossroads Museum: Delve into the local history and culture.
  • Downtown Corinth: Explore a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Dining and Nightlife in Corinth:

Savor the local flavors at Pizza Grocery, a beloved spot for Italian fare, or unwind at Smith, a trendy bar with a great selection of drinks.

Whether you’re touring historical sites, indulging in local cuisine, or enjoying the nightlife, Unlimited Charters ensures your travel through Tupelo, Booneville, and Corinth is in utmost comfort and style. Our 16-18 passenger party bus and 14 passenger stretch SUV limousine are more than just modes of transport; they’re integral parts of an unforgettable Mississippi adventure.

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