4 Passenger Executive SUV

4 Passenger Executive SUV Amenities:

  • TV (on newer models)
  • DVD Player
  • CD Player

The Luxurious SUV that Can Offer Excellent Corporate Service

When it comes to your enterprise or business meetings, you would want them to be of high class and express how noble and professional your company is. That is why the Corporate SUV service has gone an extra mile to provide you with high-class models of up to 8 people capacity for you to enjoy while handling your businesses. From customized RAV4s to well pimped Chevy cars, our stores cannot disappoint you when it comes to handling your comfort and displaying your class to the public at the same time.

Corporate SUV Service

There is no need for you to carry your briefcase or business papers while seated in the car or put them in the boot; there is a space beside you where you can keep these things safely. Our SUV rental cars are dedicated towards any kind of corporate meetings to fit the needs of every user.

Features of the Car

This Executive SUV for rent offers wonderful leather seats that are adjustable for you to travel for long distances without getting tired. Every seat has an inflation bag to ensure that it covers you during accidents to prevent any injury on any of your body parts. The 4 Passenger Executive SUV powerful engine makes it a multipurpose car to go to any environment. 4 Passenger Executive SUV combines excellent performance and comfort on the road without going through any breakdowns, as well the sunroof adds more light into the cars making them more comfortable and magnificent.

Regardless of where your corporate function is going to happen, you will have a nice internal environment because the cars have an inbuilt air conditioning system and a temperature regulating system.

The 4 Passenger Executive SUV has a stereo system with DVD and VCD to help you play music on your business trips. The GPS system helps you to find nice hotels, gas stations, excellent hotels and it also gives you traffic updates. Before booking for any Corporate SUV service, you need to consider what would satisfy you depending on where you are going and the number of people that are attending.