2-3 Passenger Vintage Wedding Rolls Royce

2-3 Passenger Classic Vintage Wedding Rolls Royce Features:

  • Classic Vintage Style
  • Historic Look
  • Great for Wedding Event Pictures
  • Leather, wood and cashmere interior
  • Rear seat picnic tables

2-3 Passenger Classic Vintage Wedding Rolls Royce

The 2-3 Passenger Classic Vintage Wedding Rolls Royce is the perfect luxury car for you to travel wherever you want with your friends or loved one. It is a luxurious car that you can bring wherever you wish with the help of our qualified and professional drivers.

Our two and three seat Classic Vintage Wedding Car rentals are the perfect vehicle to impress your loved one. Doesn’t matter if you are celebrating their birthday or anniversary, there will be no arguing about who will be doing the driving. You are all set for your perfect night out.


All our Classic Vintage Wedding Car service drivers are well qualified and will get you to around safely. These drivers go through a rigorous training and certification process, because of this, they will deliver only the highest standards.


Our rolls Royce 2 and 3 seats cars are the most comfortable cars you will ever travel in. This is why our corporate clients hire them for their clients or bosses. The custom made seats give you the most comfortable ride possible, however, it does not compromise the quality!


At united coach ways, we offer you the very Classic Vintage Wedding Rolls Royce that we have which undergo regular servicing to ensure that the cars are in the most perfect state they can be. We take the safety and time of our clients very seriously which is why we would not want them stuck somewhere with a broken down car. However, in the event that this happens, we will send in a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.


The classic wedding Rolls Royce cars are fitted with the most modern entertainment unit to keep you entertained throughout your journey. Not only that, but, you can listen to a wide variety of music of even watch the videos on fitted LCD screens.

Our Classic Vintage Wedding Rolls Royce service offers a number of classic luxury vehicles that you can chatter from us complete with a qualified driver. In conclusion, Unlimited Charters is the company that you should call whenever you feel like travelling somewhere in style.